Muhammad Ali

April 20, 2011 in 1960s-1970s

Muhammad Ali was born on January 1942, in a southern town called Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville was segregationist town, which it surprises me that Louisville was because Louisville isn’t part of the south as much, it really close to Indiana and Ohio, Which African American suffered during that time period. At the age of twelve he discovered his own talent for boxing. It all started when Ali when his bike was stolen and Ali told a police officer, Joe martin , that he wanted to beat up the thief, then quoted “ well, you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people” .So during that time he was one of ali earlier trainers of boxing. Soon after Martin begin working with known as then “Cassius Clay” for a few years clay begin his boxing career. In his first fight in 1954, he won the fight by a split decision. In 1960 Ali won a spot on the U.S Olympic boxing team, when he had to travel to Rome, Italy. In the ring he was known for his footwork. Ali then defeated zbigniew pietrzkowski to win the gold medal, when he returned home he returned known as the segregated south, when he tried to entered a whites- only restaurant, he was denied a guest, which he decided to throw is metal in the Ohio river, because it reminded him of how America has always treated his kind. Which to me I think that was a shocking thing he did because the throwing a metal in a river don’t fix the problem of the segregated south. Later in the 1964 ail revealed that he was converted to the nation of Islam’s which was called “black Muslims” at that time. At first they named him clay x regarding of the symbol of ancestor enslavement. When he visit the united nation builds with Malcolm x, he was later renamed Muhammad ail. Back in America it created controversy back home in America. In which in my opion it shouldn’t matter what name you change to, you still the same person and to white people it would create controversy to the media and the common people. Ail thought that cassius clay was a white man master named which black people had the names from white slave owners. Ali once stated, in relation to integration: “We who follow the teachings of Elijah Muhammad don’t want to be forced to integrate. Integration is wrong. We don’t want to live with the white man; that’s all.” Throughout his career he made some racist remarks especially in interview such as Michael Parkinson in 1971 that he quoted saying “every white person is racist” when I watch the interview it was good but ail was taking about the growth of black people and his career. With the name change it made ail at that time when mainstream America viewed them with suspicion—if not outright hostility—made Ali a target of outrage, as well as suspicion. Later in 1964 he refused to enlist in the U.S armed force, because he don’t want to join a war that wasn’t been approved by Elijah Muhammad. He also gave his famous speech saying that I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong … They never called me nigger. Which he believe that he didn’t want to fight with white people who treated African Americans wrong and to do their duties over Vietnam. After that it resulted in getting his license taking away, which during that time he spoke at black colleges. Later he receive his license back, gave more interview more than ever, and fight the most famous fights ever such as the rumble in the jungle, the thrilla in manila. Later in 1980 he was diagnose with Parkinson disease, and later resume retirement. He was known as the “world greatest” and continues to influence people with his career, standing up with civil rights, and his most famous quotes. In 1996 at the summer Olympics, he received a replacement metal for which he threw in the Ohio river in 1960In retirement he travels most days of the year, he still active in civil rights, he meets famous people such as presidents, and important world leaders. In 2005, they build the Muhammad ail center to honor him his legacy. He influenced many black and whites for his standing up with segregation and civil rights.

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