Lt. Anna Mac Clarke- First African American Women that Commanded An All White Regiment

October 4, 2010 in 1960s-1970s

Lt. Anna Mac Clarke was born January 20, 1919, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. She attend Kentucky State University, which is a Historically Black University located in Frankfort, Kentucky. In a time where African Americans was still fighting for Civil Rights she was unable to find an adequate paying job, although she had a degree. In 1942 she joined an All Voulunteer Women’s Auxillary Corp. She was one of the first African American women from Kentucky to enlist in the Military in World War II. Although, America was facing a war, they still segregated the army. The blacks and white were trained seperately. Although facing much adversity she still became an officer. She was also the first black women of the Womens Army Auxillary Corp to command an all white regiment. One of her biggest accomplishments is that led the protest that mojeljekarne desegregated the theatre of Douglas Army Airfield in Arizona.

This women is very interesting due to the fact that in a time where she faced discrimination for being a women and the color of her skin she was able to manage to still show outstanding leadership and to still change the military for African Americans.

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  1. Here is a woman whose story is begging to be told! What do you think was the source of her strength to be so brave and enlist in the Army despite the many different barriers based on race and sex? Was it from her family? her teachers in the segregated school in Lawrenceburg? her friends in a sorority at KSU? I love it that Lawrenceburg has embraced her as a hero by putting an historical marker on the courthouse yard (see her entry in the Kentucky Historical Marker Database at

    HEY! Wikipedia needs an entry on her! See the KSU webpage has her name redlined (which means there’s no entry) – scroll down to the chart of famous alumni/ae at the bottom of the page at

  2. This is a great story to hear. I agree with you Randolph, that it must haven taken great strength to accomplish what she did.

    I am joining the Marines, and through out my training some of the best Marines I have had the opportunity to meet have been women. To think women did not have that opportunity in the past, and it took women like Lt. Clarke to get us to where we are today is an amazing accomplishment.

  3. This is an awesome story. I am excited to hear more about it when you do your individual project on her. It is great to hear that in a very “white man” world she was able to overcome and rise to power.

  4. This is an interesting woman for not only her time, but even during the present time in which we live today. There’s a website that can be useful when searching for women in the military and other distinguished women:

    Check it out!

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