Women and the WPA

August 17, 2012 in 1920s-30s, Primary source, Social history

Visual Display of Women's Training Work Centers in Kentucky, a WPA Project

WPA Project Women’s Training Work Centers in Kentucky, 1934-1942

Check out my project on images of Kentucky women (http://www.kywcrh.org/projects/wpa) in a visual exhibit of photographs commissioned by the Works Progress Administration Visual Exhibit. I’ve separated them into two different compilations: Pack Horse Librarians and Women’s Training Work Centers in Kentucky. The compilations derive from the the Goodman-Paxton Photographic Collection in the Kentuckiana Digital Library.

Visual Display of Packhorse Librarians in Kentucky - a WPA Project

Packhorse Librarians in Kentucky, WPA Project, 1936-1943

This was part of a research project for the UK Libraries, Lexington, Kentucky. UK’s WPA collection has earned it the designation of a “Center for Excellence.”


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