Anne Braden – A Project in Progress

March 24, 2013 in Research methods

Anne Braden

Anne Braden

I’ve been working with Emme23 on a project about Anne Braden for the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame. For the most part, this project has been wildly successful. Our main issue has been sorting through the wide array of information available about Anne Braden’s life and career. We are using many different resources, including Subversive Southerner, a biography by  Catherine Fosl, as well as Southern Patriot, a movie about Anne Braden’s life. In addition to both these incredible sources, we have discovered many online resources as well.

Our next step is to visit the University of Louisville and their Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research. While we’re at the University of Louisville, we are hoping to speak with Catherine Fosl. She wrote Anne Braden’s biography, and we are hoping to use her as a resource to help us sort through the plethora of information available about Anne Braden. Hopefully Dr. Fosl will help us to sort through the information to choose the most important parts of Anne Braden’s life to focus on for the Hall of Fame.

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4 responses to Anne Braden – A Project in Progress

  1. Talking to the author of the book is a brilliant move because you’ll get a lot of insight to your project! maybe also consider recording it? then you’ll sort of have your own little oral history interview and its a great primary source!

  2. You all have been extremely lucky in finding such great resources! The movie about Anne Braden is something extremely unique to offer as a resource for KY Civil Rights Hall of Fame! Anne Braden’s career was extremely important and it is wonderful that you’ve been so successful and committed to finding personal details that have not yet been publicized.

  3. I really like how you gave a step by step process about how you have gone about doing your research thus far and how you are going to continue it. All of the links and sources that you have provided are also extremely useful and a great thing that to add!

  4. It would be fantastic if you got a chance to talk to Catherine Fosl! It is often difficult to get in contact with these heavily guarded women, but being able to hear her opinions will provide you with a primary source and a firsthand account that you can trust.

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