Martha Layne Collins Update

March 26, 2013 in 1960s-1970s

I am researching Martha Layne Collins for her induction to the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame.  This task has proven harder than I originally expected.  My focus are the years 1920 to 1970 which is quite a small gap since Collins was not born until 1936.  This time period falls before her time as governor, she held office from 1983 to 1987.  We are having a hard time discovering what has moved them to induct her into the hall of fame.  Another complication is that Collins is incredibly hard to come into contact with for an interview

One of the largest, and possibly most obvious, breakthroughs that we have had was when we realized we should use her maiden name for much of our research.  Martha Layne Collins was born Martha Layne Hall.  Since our time table falls at times when she was in high school and college, her maiden name is beneficial in tracking her down at that time.

My group has plans to go to the Woodford County Historical Society.  The society has pulled the Collins file that they have and is willing to help us find any information they have on her.

The thing that had possibly the most impact on Collins in her young life was her beauty pageants.  In these pageants she learned to speak to crowds while holding her composure.  We hope to be in contact with Karen Tice, who knows about Collins’ time in beauty pageants.  Also, we have an interview with Duanne Puckett, who is a long-time family friends of Collins’.

We are very excited to see how our research unfolds and what things we can uncover about Collins and her life and influence.

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