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April 29, 2013 in 1960s-1970s

As the semester is winding down, we are hard at work to finish up the projects for the Civil Rights Hall of Fame. Our project on Anne Braden is coming along nicely, as Emme23 and I have officially begun sorting our information into six separate sections and divided up the responsibilities of creating our six pages based on the research and information we’ve gathered from so many different sources this semester.

Our six pages will be: Background/Family Life, Chronology, Journalism, Activism, Pictures/Quotes, and Additional Resources. We feel these distinctions will best serve anyone looking for information about Anne McCarty Braden.

It is very rewarding to watch a full semester’s work come together in a singular place. I am very hopeful that this resource will be useful for future students looking for information about Anne Braden. This semester I have learned of her strength, her dignity, her dedication, and her passion. My hope for this project is that we are able to share that tremendous personality with other students and researchers. I truly hope that Anne’s personality and dedication shine through, and that Emme23 and I are merely the vessel through which it arrives.


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  1. Fantastic! So looking forward to seeing your project!

  2. Your project sounds awesome!! Keep up the great work!

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