Black History at UK

July 28, 2017 in 1960s-1970s

I have just a sidelight to mention about the state of race relations at the University of Kentucky during the early 60’s. I was part of an AWS (women’s student government) delegation to a regional conference at the University of Kansas in 1962 or ’63. We decided after we were there that we would like to have the next regional conference in Lexington and put in a bid for it. Delegates from other schools in the south questioned us about our facilities, and I was asked about whether UK had enough dorm space to accommodate all students who might wish to attend. After several rephrased variations of the question, I finally realized they were asking if black students would be allowed. I was happy to assure them we had plenty of rooms for everyone who attended, and we were awarded the conference for whatever reason. It took place very successfully in the spring of 1964.

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