Georgia Powers-The First African American Women Senator in Kentucky

October 31, 2010 in 1960s-1970s

Georgia Powers was the first African American and the first Women to be elected as senate in Kentucky.

Before being elected to senate she was very involved in the Civil Rights Movement. “She was a major asset in the organization of the statewide rally in March of 1964 in support of a law to make public accommodations accessible to all regardless of race. This rally brought many civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jackie Robinson to Frankfort, Kentucky to achieve this law. ” [2] She also was the first women elected to the Jefferson Executive Democratic Committee. She also worked to make changes in welfare, labor, and health care.

In 1967 she was elected as Senate in Kentucky. Although, she held such honor. It did not stop people from discriminating. She was still denied accommodations in Frankfort, Kentucky at a hotel. She was their senate,  and they still could not look pass her color.

What makes Georgia Powers a very important in figure in Kentucky is not only the obvious that she was elected to public office, but that she was elected during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. She faced two adverse situations being a women and being an African American. She did not let either one of those stop her. Women like her making changes in history without ever knowing the impact they have made. She is important in women. Although, this still showed that if someone does not agree with the change being made they will find a way to deny you respect.

Georiga Powers legacy really interest me due to the fact that I want to get involved in politics. She opened the door for women and African Americans to be able to be able to hold public office positions.

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  1. The woman really wanted to make a change and was will to suffer those indinities so that future generations would not have to endure the same thing. She was very close to Dr. Martin Luther King jr and no doubt learned a lot from him.

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