The Common Goal of Civil Rights

December 1, 2010 in 1950s-1960s, 1960s-1970s, Political history

Front cover of "I Shared the Dream"I think that when looking at civil rights activists and important women and men in history, sometimes their personal life gets in the way of what they were/are fighting for.  Senator Powers is a very influential woman for many reasons, other than just her affair with King, that led to the publishing of I Shared the Dream.  Yet, we seem to focus in on the fact that she was in the midst of an extramarital affair.  The fact that they were working towards a common goal of civil rights and equality should be the focus of their affair.  The fact that they decided to further that relationship should be their own business and not overshadow the accomplishments that either of them achieved.

Senator Powers served 21 years in the Senate and was the first African American woman to achieve this.  She also continuously fought to pass legislation for equal rights.  Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Powers were allies working for the same cause to better our nation.  I think as a nation sometimes the work that individuals do for the good of the people is not as interesting to some as a sex scandal.  This isn’t the nation’s fault, it’s just how our media and society portray events and tell us what should be significant in our culture.  I would like to think that most individuals see how truly influential these two people are to our society and overlook other factors that have a small significance when looking at achievements.


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  1. I agree, Senator Powers should be knowledge for her accomplishments in office rather then her affair with MLK. The fact that she was the first African American women to serve in the Senate shows how important she was to the cause. The media always seems to focus on the negative and not as much on the positive and I think thats a shame because Senator Power was very significant in the civil rights movement

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