She Made and Left Her Mark

December 9, 2010 in 1960s-1970s

One can only stand in awe of the accomplishments of women and African American at that who were born at a time when little was expected of them yet they achieved so much. Lois Morris was one of those women. Born in the late 1920’s in the south, Mississippi to be exact, she has a resume that is very impressive. She was an educator who taught at both the high school and college level. With an political science she put her theory into practice by becoming a politician. She served three terms on the Louisville, KY., Board of Aldermen, as was a mayorial candidate. She founded the National Black Women for Political Action was a charter member of the Louisville Urban League’s Women’s Committee, founder and president of the Louisville chapter of the National Council of Negro Women; vice-president of the Kentucky state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); and secretary of the Southern Black Political Caucus. She was a constant contributor to the well being of her community. She was appointed Louisville’s first Human Relations Commission, Kentucky’s first Insurance Regulatory Board, and to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights. What motivated Lois and others like to her to accomplish what they did inspite of the political and social barriers. She was not one to complain but one who sort to make a difference. It seems that she was not all business but enjoyed some pleasures. She and her husband were know for their annual derby parties. Their parties were so popular that they were written about in the New York Times. Lois Morris was well rounded. She was also know for her style and in 1963, was named one of the twenty-one best-dressed women by Ebony magazine.

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  1. i love fashion even thoough i only ever wear sweat pants to class. I really wanted to see a picture of this stylish Lois Morris sadly I was unable to do so. I was able to find the artical from the New York Times that talked about her derby parties and it was going to charge me three dollars to look at it. Here it is if any one would like to pay the three bucks.

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