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Breaking Grounds in the Media

October 21, 2010 in 1960s-1970s

When pondering for ideas of which Kentucky born female activists to write this journal entry about, it became clear very soon that I wanted to honor someone for accomplishing not only a “different” feat, but something that was done for the first time. Someone who will forever be known for breaking down the barriers that had previously prevented those in the same struggle from acheiving a position of power. After some quick research I came across the great Lauretta Harris.
Lauretta Harris played her significant role in the struggle for gender and race equality shortly after graduating from Kentucky State University. Not only did Lauretta Harris become the first African American to work full time in Lexington televised news broadcasting, but she also happened to be the first African American to become anchor of a news station in Lexington! After spending some time as a great example of local Lexington female activists, Lauretta eventually moved on to pursue her journalistic career in Louisville, KY landing a job as anchor at WAVE and finally ending up at WDRB.
The fact that Ms. Harris was the first African American woman in Lexington history to appear on television and deliver the news to the local population goes to show that she was not only a pioneer for equality for women, but for the African American population as well. Lauretta likely knew going into her first interview hoping to be the next anchor to bring Lexington the news that she would be breaking ground in the movement, but chances are that she never truely realized just how much of a difference she would actually make in our local society.

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