Community Participation: Need Help on How to Start?

FIRST: Create an account and set up your profile
Email the administrator (dolph AT to request an account; then, watch for an email from and login at; click on “My Account” and “Profile” to fill out as much information as possible so that the community can learn about who you are, what you are proposing to learn and how you plan to contribute to the community. If you have another account, you can use that same login information here also. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address you used for your account. You must accept that confirmation before your account becomes valid.
SECOND: Start reading the community contributions and create a “friend” network
Click on Research in the menu above and read what new knowledge has been developed as the community members reflect on their analysis of primary and secondary sources in Kentucky women’s history. Also, click on Annotated Bibliographies in the righthand column – there you will find a group for a free and open social networking environment for research on the Internet. Researchers use that group to share ideas and comments on open websites that offer new information — or harbor fallacies that need to be exposed and disputed by good historians. Once you find a KYwCRh user that is writing about topics or research strategies of interest to you, click on the name and Request Friendship to start a network for discussion.
THIRD: Start a group or join an existing one
Anyone can start a group or join an existing one. This is a good way to start a discussion on topics where users may have similar interests. Click on Group in the menu above, then “Create a Group.” Enter a title that clearly describes what the group aspires to create in this community, and make sure it is a “public” group so that any site member can see the activities, search for it in the directory and join. Then upload an image of your own creation or use a copyright-free image as the group icon (also called an avatar). Then invite people from your friends list to join your group – or just click Finish.
FOURTH: Post a forum topic for the group
FIFTH: Request to change your role from Subscriber to Author
Once you have established yourself as a good community member, please request an Author account. We encourage you to join in and create new content to add to the project. This includes getting permission to add comments, research blog entries with images, video or audio clips. Send a message to @hollingsworth to request this role. Be sure and include a description of what your goals for contributing to this open learning community.
MORE Join group to add new annotated bookmarks
and MORE Use Twitter to tell the community the latest events or research finds
For some information on Twitter and how to use it, see the article and references. Hashtags are created by the Twitter community members themselves as a way for people to search for tweets that have a particular topic – whether or not the tweet has the key words in the message itself. Find out more about hashtags at the Twitter support site. So, when using Twitter, please append the #KYwomen hashtag when talking about your project on the history of Kentucky women, and you can use it to search for communities of people interested in the same topic and willing to share information about it.
See #KYwomen Twitter archive pages for past examples.
yet MORE Send in documents/records to be added to the University of Kentucky Special Collections Library and UK Archives
Personal photographs, brochures or historical items like political campaign buttson or trophies are wonderful donations along with letters, diaries and scrapbooks – all of which help future historians understand more about our local history. Please contact UK Archives, to speak with UK archivist Katie Henningsen (, 859-257-8371) whether you are willing to donate the articles or copies.
and… If you don’t feel comfortable using this technology yourself, contact us – you can still contribute!
Write up your narrative and send it to @hollingsworth or send @hollingsworth a request for an oral history interviewer to record your story and add it to the site.

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  1. would like to write about early uk experiences for few black women in dorms on campus only 4 including me when i arrived in 1961. my roommate went home every week end and the other 2 were senior transfer students frompjc who roomed together in holmes hall. excuse my non caps. i am lying down fighting arthritis and the weather today.

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