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We invite the community to use this site for their research journaling about Kentucky women and the history of the twentieth century civil rights movement. Record what happens as you select a topic, then develop and modify that topic through researching and writing about it over a period of time – a chronicle of what you observe yourself doing as you create a research project. The journal provides a handy and appropriate place to keep track of ideas and materials as you work.  You might, for instance, make it a regular habit to respond to every book, article or primary resource you read – or use it to reflect on and develop more fully your notes and highlights from the Diigo group‘s annotated bibliographies.

 Under “My Account” at the top of this screen, click on Messages and send a request to @hollingsworth to become an author on this site.  Once your role has been changed from “subscriber” to “author” you can post research journal articles.  To post a research journal post:  (a) copy your journal entry from a document in to your computer’s “clipboard” – for example, in MS Word, press CNTRL A to select all then CNTRL C to copy; (b) go to the KYWCRH dashboard at and log in with your KYWCRH WordPress account; (c) click on “Add a New Post” under the POST button on the left nav of your dashboard; (d) name your post with an original and intriguing title; (e) click your cursor in the text box and paste your blog post from your document – for example, in MS Word, press CNTRL V; (f) add one or more appropriate categories – and tags if you wish; (g) preview the post to make sure it looks the way you want it to look – read it out loud to ascertain it has the right tone, is complete in its logic, or to check to make sure you are giving attribution to someone for their ideas or intellectual property; (h) press “Draft” if you want to wait and read it again before publishing; (i) decide whether or not you want to allow comments (moderated by you, of course) on your journal article and make sure the appropriate box at the bottom of the page is checked; (j) press “Publish” when ready.

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