• She is very influential. Her candor and personality is in my opinion is which helped to create the change that she was able to achieve. She would not give up in order to fight for what she wanted. Women like her paved a wave for women like me and others to hold offices in congress.

  • Small instances like this made huge impacts on the movement because whenever you take a stance against something you are able to achieve something.

  • Margaret Ingels (1892-1971) was born in Paris, Kentucky. In 1917, she was the first cialisvsviagra-online woman at the University of Kentucky to graduate with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. She got a jobas […]

  • Lillian H. South on this web (Jan. 31, 1879-Sept. 13, 1966) was born in Warren County, Kentucky. She studied to be a registered nurse at the Nurses Training School of the Central Hospital in Patterson, New […]

  • It is great to see women who make a changes in society. It is ridiculous when you see people trying to fight for such things as equal housing.

  • Mary Breckenridge accomplished many things her story is quite interesting. They way in which she brought change in Kentucky is very outstanding.

  • The 2nd Wave of Feminism occurred in the 1960’s and 70’s. This Women’s Rights Narudžba Lovegre (online) s područja Hrvatske Movement occurred because of gender equality. “Second wave feminism rose out of the Civil […]

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    That is great, and yes those people who “lit the match” and started everything is what needs to be researched because they get so little credit and they are the ones who had a major impact.

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    Without people who had an open mind, and saw that discriminating against people based on their race America would never changed. It takes people who do not have anything to gain from this, but just standing up for one’s right to make an impact.

  • The Kentucky Civil Rights Act was signed into law January 27, 1966 by Governor Edwart T. Breahitt. The Act prohibits discrimination in employment and public accommodations based on race, national origin, color, […]

  • Women like her you never here about or read in your daily history books, but her barriers that she broke down made it where women can be respected and their voice can be heard.

  • Women played a major role during the Civil Rights period that they are given much credit about. They were the ones that held things together. Women played a critical role such as making sure the Civil Rights Leaders had meals, they were sometimes the treasurers. They organized meetings and made sure things were together for […]

  • Georgia Powers was the first African American and the first Women to be elected as senate in Kentucky.
    Before being elected to senate she was very involved in the Civil Rights Movement. “She was a major asset in t […]

  • If it was me, I do not know if I would have been able to achieve these accomplishments. The fight in these women to achieve is remarkable.

  • Her story is very remarkable. It is very great to see when people are go through adversity and overcome it. I also like learning about remarkable who have created change, but stories have yet to be told.

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    Lucy Harth Smith made a major impact in changing the lives of African American people in Kentucky. When you read about people who actually devoted their lives to changing the lives of other, it is extremely […]

  • It is sad to see how people have fought so hard to end segregation and it seems like its slowly creeping back among us. No race should ever feel inferior to another. We live in America where we are all equal and the color of your skin should not matter, but it seems as if […]

  • If I had to define the Womens Civil Rights era I would define it as a time when women sought the rights that were already there’s but were being infringed on the patriarchal system that America was based on. When you look at different people such as Lucy Peterson and what they did to ensure […]

  • On October 14 I attended the on this site AASRP Race Dialogues “Sisters in the Struggle” and watched the video focusing on Lexington educator and civil rights activist, Audrey Grevious. It really interested me […]

  • Although Louisville took steps to put women on the force, we also have to understand the time period and the sterotypes place on women at the time.

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