A Project on the Writing of Sallie Bingham and Influence on Feminist Literature

by Adrienne Pfendt

Sallie BinghamWhile taking a University of Kentucky Honors course, I developed a project focusing on Sallie Bingham as a feminist writer. The project focused on the pioneering nature of Sallie Bingham’s literary work with specific attention to how the theme presented within her first publication, “Winter Term,” (pub­lished in the Harvard Advocate) served as a foundation for her literary career, continues to appear in her most recent works, and has influenced further publications of feminist literature.

You can download my essay (a .pdf file) by clicking on the link below:
“Winter Term” and the Value of Expression.

2 responses to Bingham

  1. This looks very well done- very interesting woman. Thanks for your contribution!

  2. I really like your insight into the role that not only women authors but female characters play in the novels you mentioned, allowing a more creative and liberating outlook for women within and without of literature.

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