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This service-learning project is to support the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights in developing out their Hall of Fame website. University of Kentucky students in the Honors Program chose four women inductees to focus on in their studies while providing this service to the Commission — to Kentucky history, and to women’s history overall. In addition to offering their work to the Commission, the students have also reflected on their own personal and career interests, integrating meaningful community service with deep reflection and lifelong learning.

KCHR Hall of Fame Inductee


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Anne McCarty Braden

Anne Braden

Hall of Fame 2001


Governor Martha Layne Collins

Governor Martha Layne Collins

Hall of Fame 2012


Audrey Louise Ross Grevious

Audrey Louise Ross Grevious

Hall of Fame 2012


Suzanne “Suzy” Wolff Post

Suzy Post

Hall of Fame 2007


This work addresses Kentucky women’s race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation during the twentieth century, and examines their influences both within governing institutions, non‐government organizations and local clubs. The complexities in the stories of women of color and white women working together and separately are critical to the research in showing the intersectionality of race, class and gender in Kentucky women’s experiences. Given the scarcity of secondary sources in this field, they work together to use existing oral histories (and create new ones when necessary) to hypothesize the effects of activism in altering women’s roles in both historical and contemporary contexts. Using other primary sources such as speeches, diaries and letters, newspaper accounts and court records, they have gathered new and existing information not seen all in one place. The analysis of these resources is open to a global audience whose contributions are invited as additional resources for all of us in discussing women’s history in twentieth century Kentucky.

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  1. Hello, is it possible I can be in touch with the person who designates special Kentucky women? I have researched and written about America Wright Holbrook, a social worker in eastern Kentucky.

    Thanks, I’d like to contacted. LJE

  2. Hello, I’ve researched and written a profile on America Wright Holbrook of Johnson County, Ky. She was a social worker of great influence. May I be in touch with someone who can advise me on this? Lydia Justice Edwards

    • It would be wonderful to have you post an article about her here! I can give you an author’s account so you can post it yourself. Let me know if you have a WordPress account already or if we need you to make one. Contact me directly at dolph@uky.edu. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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