Audrey Grevious

Audrey Louise Ross Grevious, A Lexington Heroine

Resources compiled by flamencoclap and granestrella

Audrey Grevious has been nominated and inducted into the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame by the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights. This project attempts to compile her accomplishments as well as provide a context for much of her work in Lexington. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents

  1. About Audrey Grevious
  2. Additional Resources
  3. Audrey’s Voice
  4. Community Activism —- Charles Young Community Center, Douglass Park, Tensions in Lexington
  5. Experience as an Educator
  6. Work with the NAACP and CORE of Lexington


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Below are the forms and letters of support in favor of Audrey Grevious’ nomination to the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame.

nom1 nom2  nom4 nom5 nom6 nom7nom3b

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