This project focuses on images of Kentucky women in the early part of the twentieth century during the Depression Era. The whole project, completed for experiential education credit in Spring 2012 and used as a visual display in the “Hub” in the University of Kentucky W.T. Young Library, is described in full on my blog, kywpa.wordpress.com.

The UK Libraries has been designated by the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries as a Center of Excellence for the Works Progress Administration and Work Projects Administration (WPA). My work was to showcase the historical importance of the WPA along with using UK Libraries’ collections. The production of these visual display is just the beginning.  The development of a WPA Research Guide will serve as an instructional tool which is available for use by faculty and students. More information on this can be found at the WPA Libguide.

Below you will find two of the visual displays created for the UK Libraries to use. The images and their captions come from the Goodman-Paxton Photographic Collection in the Goodman-Paxton papers (PA64M1,Special Collections, University of Kentucky).

Visual Display of Packhorse Librarians in Kentucky - a WPA Project

Packhorse Librarians in Kentucky, 1936-1943

Visual Display of Women's Training Work Centers in Kentucky, a WPA Project

Women’s Training Work Centers in Kentucky, 1934-1942

In addition to the Goodman-Paxton Photographic Collection from which the above visual presentation was developed, the UK Libraries offers the following extensive collections for research projects on the WPA:

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through these pictures. Seeing the women on horses and the treacherous paths they crossed amazes me. These women do not receive the credit they deserve for the daring trips they made.

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