Women’s Progressive Club in Frankfort

Women’s Progressive Club, Frankfort

Founded in 1933 – why? what was going on in the lives of African-American women in Frankfort that led to the creation of this club? What are some of the key issues they addressed then? or during the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s? What happened during the 1970s? If you know, let us hear about it! On the black navbar above this page, click on “Activity” and post a note for us all to see there.

Picture of members of the Women's Progressive Club, Frankfort KY, from the Kentucky Historical Society's Digital History Collection
Fiftieth anniversary dinner of the Women’s Progressive Club, Saturday, June 11, 1983, at the Winner’s Circle, Capital Plaza Hotel, Frankfort KY. Contributed by Mattie Davis to the Community Memories Project, Kentucky Historical Society.

First row: Marianne Hanley, Jennie Mae Buckner, Lillie Blackburn, Julia Tracy, Anna Mary Wolfe, Anna Laura Ellis; second row: Henrietta Carpenter, Ora Mae Cheaney, Rose Henry, Helen Exum, Helen Holmes, Mildred Jacobs. Anna Belle Williams and Margurite Shauntee were absent when the photo was taken.

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