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Kentucky Family Farms Oral History

The Louie B. Nunn Oral History Center has 548 oral history interviews focusing on life on family farms in the 20th century. Will you listen on your .mp3 player? Go download a few (see the 4 interviews currently available on line via the Kentuckiana Digital Library) and let us know what you find out about Kentucky women’s roles: click on Activity and add your comments there.

Clarence Wells of Harlan County tells of his childhood during the Great Depression and everyday life on the farm

Euell Sumner talks about his family farm near Cane Creek in Powell County and the work his mother and grandmother did in sustaining their family’s health and finances

Henry Hankla describes his family farm near Perryville, Kentucky

In a second interview, Henry Hankla talks about his mother’s biscuits – makes you want to eat some right now!

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