Academic Credit Opportunities

There are many different ways by which you could earn academic credit while working on your research in Kentucky women’s history during the civil rights era.

If you are currently enrolled as a student, you could approach your institution’s history educator and ask him or her to contact Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth at the University of Kentucky to discuss how this open learning environment can be used for your institution’s independent study projects or class projects. Or, you can apply to the University of Kentucky as a “Visiting” student and enroll in EXP 396, Experiential Education. For more on this, see the related information below.

If you are not currently enrolled as a student and you wish to earn academic credit from the University of Kentucky, you can request admission as a “Non-degree student” and enroll in EXP 396. and EXP 396 at the University of Kentucky

Experiential Education or EXP 396 at UK is a community-based or field-based learning experience under the supervision of a faculty member. Students may request enrolling in EXP 396 with academic credit hours ranging anywhere from 1 to 12 in a given semester, and the course may be repeated up to a maximum of 30 academic credit hours. The number of credit hours earned  is related to the number of hours devoted to the specific project under study. Below is a chart describing the minimum hours on task required to earn the credit hours specified. You may choose to work more than the minimum hours. For example, you may work 120 total hours and still be registered for only one credit hour. A situation where this may be to your advantage is if you do not need the additional credit hours for graduation, you may want to register for only one credit hour to minimize your tuition charges. Divide the total number of work hours by the number of weeks you will be working to find how many hours you will need to work each week.

Academic Credit Time on Task
1 credit 48 total work hours
2 credits 96 total work hours
3 credits 144 total work hours

EXP 396 is typically offered as a pass/fail course with departmental permission required for letter grade.  See your academic advisor for ideas on other experiential education course options based on your degree program.

First… you need to contact Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth (use @hollingsworth to send a message via and work with her to complete a Learning Contract that describes the project you plan to do – and the number of hours you will be working per week. This Learning Contract serves as the syllabus for course.

Second… Dr. Hollingsworth will confer with you on what historical research you plan to do and set the learning objectives. She will also work with you to determine how the research is best done and how the final project will be crafted. Regular meeting times will be set up so that you can get regular feedback and updates on progress.

Third… submit the finalized Learning Contract to the Stuckert Career Center, Experiential Education and Career Services, before you begin. The Career Center staff will register you for the appropriate course with the set number of credit hours as agreed upon in the Learning Contract.

Fourth… You will be invited to attend the Service Learning Reflection Conference, and you will need to complete the evaluation sent to you at the end of the academic semester.

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