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Primary Resources and Current Events Activism

  • The Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research “seeks to advance public understanding of the U.S. civil rights movement, both its powerful history and its unfinished agenda of racial and social justice.”  The site is navigable by: civil rights history, social justice resources, and current events.  Their mission is “to bridge the gap between academic research and community activism for racial and social justice.”
  • Civil Rights Digital Library is a database useful for key word searches, i.e. housing.  Within the search results, more subject options are available and the researcher can refine their search by other criteria such as people, place, collection, contributor, media type, and date.  Searched resources are accessible online whether an oral history and transcript or image.
  • KYVL-Kentucky Resources contains many web links for students, teachers and researchers for resources specific to Kentucky.  This page has a quick link to index databases.
  • The American Folklife Center is a survey of Collections and Repositories related to Civil Rights History Project through the Library of Congress Research Centers.
  • Kentucky Historical Society Oral History Project:Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky is an online database and catalog providing access to audio and video excerpts.  There are over 10,000 pages of transcriptions, all of which are full-text searchable and can be sorted by county, by subject or by decade.  Primary subjects include Life Under Segregation, Desegregation of Education, Public Accommodation, Open Housing, and Protests & Demonstrations.
  • KET Living the Story: the civil rights movement in Kentucky is a great place to begin your research, and to learn about pivotal moments of the civil rights era i Kentucky through the eyes of those who participated.  The KET documentary project consists of oral histories, images, biographies, and informational resources.
  • KET Oral History How-to  When given an opportunity to participate in the oral history interviewing process, it’s good to be prepared! This web page from KET is instructional and has many sample oral history interview questions to inspire you.

If you are enrolled at the University of Kentucky, you have access to additional resources. See also Research at UK.

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