American South in the Twentieth Century HIS407, Spring 2011 Dr. Robert S. Weise, Associate ProfessorDr. Robert Weise, EKU

Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Researcher Comments Essay

Kyle Beeler

Women of SNCC

Angela Davis: Lady Panther

Jason Blanton

James Meredith

The Women Were Silent

Randy Burns


Blood Bank Segregation

Mikeal Byerly


Highlander: A Road To Hope

Brett Coffey

The Hard Road

Anne Braden

Kendall Coffey

The Hard RoadElizabeth Eckford

Astounding Life of Ruby Bridges

Zachary Collins

Common Goal of Civil Rights

Elizabeth Eckford

Timothy Cornett

Governor Who Got It

Carl D. Perkins

Michael Davidson

Governor Who Got It

Martha Layne Collins

Levi Duncan

James Meredith

Courageous Life of Ernest Green

Charles Gill

Continuing the Work

New Book on Kentucky History

Evan Granger

Robert Williams

Perspectives of Teachers on Integration in Kentucky

Logan Hargis

Governor Who Got It

Health Care and Civil Rights Movement

Clayton Z. Harris

Astounding Life of Ruby Bridges

Fight for Women’s Rights

Cynthia Hayes

F. W. Woolworth Building

Kentucky School Integration

Ashley Johnston


Race Riot: Louisville KY 1968

Heather Jones

KY Women Remember Peace Corps

Grace Marilynn James

Matthew Lloyd

Happy Chandler

Violence in Selma

William Melton

Angela Davis

James Meredith and the Battle of Ole’ Miss

Wesley Neal


Robert Williams

Ashley Noble

Libraries in the South

Kentucky Civil Rights Leaders

Cloyd Pearson

DesegregationFounding the NAACPHappy Chandler;Astounding Life of Ruby Bridges

Personal Response to Benefits of DesegregationThe Hard Road: A Woman of Integrity

Guy Reed

Integration of UK

KY Governors for Desegregation

Eric Rice

Effects of Integration on Dewees Street

16th Street Church Bombing

Kari Shelton

Women in Louisville Police Dept

Nurses in Eastern Kentucky

Daniel Stacy

Founding the NAACP

Happy Chandler

Mark Trent

Happy Chandler

Women of SNCC

William Tussey



Justin Wilkinson


Muhammed Ali

Charlestine Williams


Lucy Harth SmithRuby Bridges

Christine Worthington

Busing and School Desegregation in Louisville


Andrew Yeast

Fight for Equality in Housing

Omer Carmichael

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