Interview with Kaye and Lamont Jones

This inspiring interview with Lamont and Kaye Jones discusses growing up in a segregated school. They also discusses the challenges of attending the University of Kentucky shortly after it was integrated. The Jones where both involved with Historic Pleasant Green Baptist Church Lamont Jones was the second son of Reverend H.W. Jones Sr. the pastor of Historic Pleasant Green from 1940 to 1968. Both Kaye and Lamont were active with C.O.R.E. planning and participating in demonstrations and sit-ins.

Here are some high points of their interview:

Lamont & Kaye Jones discussing women’s roles within the church

Lamont & Kaye Jones discussing Pleasant Green’s role within the civil rights movement

Lamont & Kaye Jones discussing the importance of black churches as a social outlet for college students

Lamont & Kaye Jones discussing public accommodations in Lexington

Here is Lamont & Kaye Jones’ interview in its entirety:

Kay Jones and Lamont Jones Interview, November 29, 2010

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