O.L. Hughes & Sons

O.L. Hughes and Sons Funeral Home, 322 East Third Street, Lexington

O.L. Hughes and Sons Funeral Home, 322 East Third Street, Lexington, December 2010 (photograph by Claire Johns, Creative Commons license pending)

In 1954, there was one funeral home in the MLK neighborhood, Claughton-Brown Funeral home located on 322 E. 3rd Street.  This funeral home opened in the 1940s.  Before World War II, Lexingtonians could find a Jackson and Claughton Embalmers company on West Main Street.

After Claughton-Brown was closed for twenty years, O.L Hughes opened at the same address.  (See “Business and Business O.L. Hughes Mortuary.” Lexington Herald Leader, November 27, 1989: D-11 col 1-4.) This funeral home is still open today.

We were not able to find out why exactly Claughton-Brown closed, so if you have any information to contribute about its closing we invite you to share it with our online community.

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