Square D Electrical

Square D brought their company to Lexington, Kentucky in 1958.  The plant is still in its original location at 1601 Mercer Road, but now has a parent company (Schneider Electric) as of 1991.

Square D was a company started in 1902 by two men making fusible links.  By 1920, they had their main headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.  It was originally called the McBride Company, but soon changed its name to The Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing Company circa 1908.  The name Square D comes from a new safety switch with a “D” (for Detroit) stamped within a square. “The product quickly became the industry standard and many customers began asking for ‘those square D switches.’  The trademark was developed in 1915, and the name Square D Company was formally adopted in 1917. To this day, Square D is one of the few companies ever named by its customers (footnote 1).”  Square D makes electrical components that are sent all across the world today.

— footnotes —

1. “History of Square D,” SquareD. Accessed December 13, 2010. http://www.squared.com/us/squared/corporate_info.nsf/unid/A21F52058A62BF0C85256A4C004CFBA2/$file/histsqdFrameset.htm


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