Who Were the Community Leaders and Groups Involved?

Clip #2 from Niesje Spragens Interview

The work of the Woman’s Club Committees extended to include the cooperation of many within the community: Woman’s Club, Lion’s Club, City Council, Ministerial Group, School Board, Midway Junior College, Masonic Order, Boy Scouts, Homemakers, PTA, Community Chest, and Citizens’ Health Committee

Mrs. Wise: Treasurer
Miss Peel: President
Mrs. Barton: Health Unit
Mrs. Piper: Rep. on City Committee
Mrs. Martin: African American School Improvement
Mrs. Lacefield: Christmas Tree Committee
Mrs. Gatrell: First Vice President
Mrs. Roach: Chairman of City Committee
Mrs. Preston: Lyceum

Not pictured:

Miss Catherine Parrish: Chairman of the Community Planning Committee, Mrs. Sutterlin: member.

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