Whom Did the Project Benefit?

The project to build a Better Community was designed to benefit everyone in Midway.  The Woman’s Club and other contributing clubs chose projects to not only beautify the downtown area but also areas that were predominately Black, which was important because at least one third of the community was built up of African Americans.  Some things that were done specifically for the African American Community were to relocate the city dump as to make the living conditions more sanitary.  Education standards were raised by providing the school with books and a bookshelf so they cou

ld have a more up to date curriculum.  Finally

they donated to the schools caf

ateria, to improve health conditions.

As a part of the build a better community initiative the children of Midway were also directly benefited. Money was given to generally improve the condition of the school system so that children could achieve higher learning.  A playground was put in for all the city children to play on.  Lastly, the sports leagues in the city were desegregated allowing African American and white children to play together.

Overall city conditions were much better off stemming directly from the work of the Woman’s Club and their partners.  The overa

ll cleanliness of the city made a drastic change for the better.  By moving the city dump away it reduced the problems that came from flies and mosquitoes.  The city was more aesthetically pleasing, this was accomplished by putting trash cans on the streets and planting flowers and trees.  Finally driving conditions were better for all of the community due to the re-building of the bridges.  The club made huge efforts that paid off for all members of the city of Midway in terms of health and overall beautification of the area.

Community Recreation Improvement

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