Why Were the Projects Needed?

Community health, education, and aesthetic reasons were necessary and important.  The city dump was within city limits, near the African American School and neighborhoods.  Housefly and mosquito infestations were problematic.  Roads and bridges were hazardous.  Children were in need of someplace to play other than in the streets.  The African American School was in need of updates and improvement to the building, in addition to books and equipment.  The community of Midway was in need of a “clean-up”.  These project proposals are from the Midway Woman’s Club Scrapbooks.  They are detailed as to what, why, and how.

Where Next?
Section 1: Build a Better Community
Section 2: What Were the Community Improvement Projects?
Section 4: Oral History Interviews
Section 5: Resources
Epilogue: Researchers’ Reflections


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