Midway Woman’s Club and the “Better Community” Project

Playground in Midway

Table of Contents

Section 1 “Build a Better Community” – a Midway Woman’s Club (MWC) Project
Section 2 What Were the Community Improvement Projects?
Section 3 Why Were the Projects Needed?
Section 4 Midway Community Voices (Oral History Interviews)
Section 5 Resources Used in This Project and Recommendations for Further Reading
Epilogue Researchers’ Reflections and Request for More Work in This Area of Research in Kentucky Women’s History

This Project brought to you by: Angela Pulley, Kyle Shaw, and Brad Wexler
Members of History 351- Kentucky Women in the Civil Rights Era

This project was designed to study the importance of the Midway Woman’s Club and the positive affect that it has had on the city since being started. The main focus of our project was the Build a Better Community project, in which Midway Woman’s Club was a key factor. This project included things such as clean up week, moving the city dump outside of the city limits, improving the African American school, improvement of roads and bridges, and building a playground. All of these projects were key in helping make Midway a better community and Midway Woman’s Club was a key factor to this being accomplished. We were able to research these projects by having the luxury of using scrapbooks made by the Midway Woman’s Club, and gathering oral histories from community partners. This project was designed to show the community the importance of club women and their role in the historical past that Midway holds.

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Midway Woman's Club

Midway Woman's Club

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  1. The finding aid for the UK Collection of the Midway Woman’s Club records (dated 1922-2011; 2.48 cubic feet) is now online – the collection consists of bound ledgers, history scrapbooks, clippings, and yearbooks documenting club membership, officers, civic and social activities; meeting minutes and committee reports; and treasury accounts. Check it out at

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