Former First Lady Still Active in KY

December 12, 2010 in 1940s-1950s, 1950s-1960s, 1960s-1970s, Political history, Social history

In her early years, Judi Patton was constantly at home with her mother caring for and nurturing the women her mother brought home to their eastern Kentucky home during the Appalachian War on Poverty. Patton exclaims that her mother inspired her for the work she has accomplished throughout her life. Once her husband took office in 1995, she began to focus of family violence. Mrs. Patton has accomplished many impressive feats during her later years as she fought against child abuse and family violence issues.

She learned from her mother how to treat others.  Her mother, while completing college, would welcome women and families into their home in order to offer comfort for those in need. Judi wed 1977 to Paul E. Patton, who would eventually become the 59th Governor of Kentucky. While in office in Frankfort, Kentucky, she pushed 20 bills that strengthened protections for children, domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, created policy standards for prosecuting perpetrators and expanded training initiatives from local law enforcement to judges, doctors and nurses. By her determination and morals, Judi Patton, has showed her extraordinary power in the fight against violence and abuse.

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  1. Our entry for her in Wikipedia is still looking good!

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