19th Amendment

September 17, 2010 in 1920s-30s, Historical Decades, Political history

In class we talk a lot about women rights and equality to all. We would also speak about the 19th amendment . I had lots of questions about the 19th amendment including: what does it actually say and when was it ratified. We spoke a lot of the 19th amendment but really I had no idea what it even was so I decided to research it.

I found alot of things out about the 19th amendment. It reads “voting rights of citizens of the United States shall not be denied on the basis of sex.” The amendment was ratified by the necessary 36th state in 1920. However, it took until 1984 to get the 48th state to ratify the amendment. I was startled that it would take over 60 years to have the country agree with the terms, and that was just 48 of the 50 states. I figure this was due to maybe the idea of people not seeing women as equals. I grew up in the 90’s were women where just beginning to get in a way equal opportunities in jobs, sports, and other areas of expertise.

There were many groups that were fighting to get equality for both sexes. I was more interested in groups that were anti woman’s suffrage. I wonder why would these women fight against each other and think that them having the right to vote would be a bad thing. Maybe women felt the country was not ready to take on the load of suffrage. There were some women out there who probably felt that women should not be in positions of power  and should follow their husbands. I don’t agree with these thoughts but i feel no one will ever know because it happened in the 20’s.

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  1. I agree with you. It’s pretty staggering that it took so long for a country like to United States to give these rights to it’s women. A country built on the backs of it it’s strong willed wives, mothers, daughters and sisters (world war II).

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