Real Life Reactions of time during Civil Rights Movement

October 14, 2010 in 1960s-1970s, Social history

I found this website and thought it was awesome because you can actually listen to the stories of people that experienced hardships during the Civil Rights Movement.

I listened to Howard Bailey’s story, who said that adults, not just children, but ADULTS would throw rocks at the bus he had to ride.

It’s so sad to think that the people who should be setting a positive image for children are participating in childish acts. These poor kids who were just trying to live their lives like every other child, were being bullied no matter where they were. Most kids just have to put up with bullying while they are at school, but to be bullied all the time, no matter where you are is something that no one should ever experience.

These stories are remarkable and inspiring because these people were so strong.

2 responses to Real Life Reactions of time during Civil Rights Movement

  1. I myself am finding it hard to imagine that the adults were acting so childish and setting such bad examples for these kids. Obviously, if a child see’s their parent or any other adult doing something like this, they tend to emulate their actions because that’s what they are lead to believe is “right”.

  2. I too find it very disheartening/disturbing the message these people were sending to their children. This is the behavior that perpetuates hate even today.

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