Lewis A. Piper

October 15, 2010 in 1940s-1950s, 1950s-1960s, Religious history, Social history

Following Dr. L.L Pinkerton’s (the founder of the Kentucky Female Orphan School) lead, Lewis A. Piper became the president in 1945 until 1965. Piper was the key that opened the door for the Orphan School. In his first year as president, “he presented an administrative organizational chart to the board of trustees changing the academic name of the school to: “Midway Junior College” and “Pinkerton High School.” Piper worked to advance the school and the learning that the students were doing at this time.
“In the curriculum there were four areas of emphasis: teacher training; home economics, including cooking and serving; business training; and liberal arts, including music and religious instruction.” At this point Midway was regarded as a fine institute of learning in the areas of study it offered. It was a four- year school with a lot of students coming out as teachers.
From the evidence made available by the school board at Midway during Piper’s presidency we see that his successes were many, and that he did a lot to help the school. It is also evident that the church was still a big part of the school’s successes. The church played a major role in the schools beginning as the Orphan school. The student’s were required to attend church each Sunday and study scripture. This gives Midway College a strong bond between the school, church, and town itself.

McDonald, William Harold. “Ripples: A History of the Midway Christian Church, Midway, Kentucky”. Masters Research Project: Lexington Theological Seminary. Lexington, Kentucky 1985.

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  1. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I lived near Saint Joes Orphange and my mother has been a teacher for 17 years now as well. I really find it interesting that in history, females were not trusted with much and now in todays society, majority of teachers are females. I really enjoy reading how teachers, faculty, and staff members are attempting to make orphanges more eductional too! Great read!

  2. I attended Pinkerton High from 1951 to 1955. The best years of my life.
    My personal growth was so fined tuned that through my life those years at Midway always helped me cope and stand on my own two feet.
    As a Navy wife and three wonderful children to raise, basically by myself.
    Navy men spent six to nine months out to sea each year.
    Just a note-I was in the seventh grade in 1951. Thank you Dr. Piper.
    Thank you Midway.

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