UK Closing the Gap

November 5, 2010 in 1960s-1970s

Originally established at the University of Kentucky in 1979, the Kentucky Women Writers Conference has aimed to bring up and coming talented young women writers to the University and is held to showcase their talents.  The inaugural year of this fine organization consisted of a plethora of fine authors in Maya Angelou, Toni Cade Bambara, Ruth Stone, Alice Walker, and Ruth Whitman.

For nearly two decades the KWWC continued to hold its conference annually, doing wonders to promote womens work and effectively becoming a tool used to close the gender gap through out our community.  Unfortunately, in 1998 the conference lost its funding from the University and was forced to declare itself as a non profit organization and move the event to the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in downtown Lexington.  It would remain in this state until 2002, when President Lee Todd decided to reinstate support for the conference in order to “demonstrate the university’s commitment to women’s programming and community events”.  Since then the conference has remained sponsored by the University of Kentucky and it has continued to hold annual events.  The most recent conference was September 10th thru the 12th of this year, where there was a tremendous turnout for the event.

Had it not been for the event starting way back in 1979, who knows what our great University would be like today.  Starting programs like this one have served to create equality between the two genders and hopefully will continue to do so until the gap is fully closed.

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