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Club Women and Civil Defense Training

December 10, 2010 in 1960s-1970s, Social history

One of the many scans I made from the Midway Woman’s Club scrapbooks was lingering in my thoughts today after our last HIS 351 class of the semester. Our guest speaker Pam Goldman had briefly touched on a topic that self defense training for women during the 1960’s and 70’s was seen as radical. Although I have yet to find any such radicalism happening in the Midway Woman’s Club, their participation in a civil defense workshop titled: Woodford County Home Preparedness Workshop seemed to be more of a community oriented choice in training.

This workshop met for six sessions with Mr. Ed M. Dozier, Civil Defense Director for Woodford County. Discussion was about community plans and activities for Civil Defense. A group of 130 people with a sincerity of purpose and a keen sense of responsibility, worked together to teach other citizens the basic steps for family survival and correlation of resources into a community plan for emergency action. Related films were shown and instructional pamphlets given to each participant. Of the 130 participants, many were Presidents of organizations, county officials, members of the Women’s Clubs, Director of the Hospital, Nurses, Personnel of the County Health Department, Superintendents, Principals, and teachers of school systems, lay people, and a key group of school teenagers.

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