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    I was researching Eckford and found out that where she was standing in the picture you have posted above has a pretty neat story to go along with it. The reason that she was alone in this picture is because the Little Rock Nine were supposed to meet there. However, the meeting place for the […]

  • ThumbnailRuby Bridges             Ruby Bridges was born in Tylertown, Mississippi on September 8, 1954. Ruby moved with her parents to New Orleans when she was four years old and at the age of six a phone call was receive by Ruby’s parents. The phone call was from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People […]

  • I, along with Brett, had never heard of Alice Allison Dunnigan until now. She seemed to be a very motivated woman of her time and refused to fail. The information that I find most intriguing is the fact that she created the “Kentucky Facts Sheet” in order to help younger blacks learn more about their […]

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